You will be the new Edward Cullen with this diet: Anti-Aging diet.

  Have you heard about Annette Larkins? She is what everyone is calling an ‘Ageless Woman’. Annette Larkins is in her 70’s but she looks to be 50 years old if not younger. What causes Annette Larkins to be drenched in youth and beauty? Why it’s all due to her diet of course, or so she says.

Diet and exercise is extremely important if you want to remain healthy and beautiful. So put aside that double cheeseburger and listen to what I have to say, you will be thanking me for years to come.

Vitamin C “A.K.A the collagen monster” 

Not only does consumption of Vitamin C aid in fighting off bad colds but it helps with improving your skin. Vitamin C, also known as ascrobic acid is rich in collagen and collagen helps in maintaining skin’s strength and firmness. Vitamin C (an antioxidant) also helps fight wrinkles and dryness. So try to consume Vitamin C (Oranges, Strawberries, Broccoli,Kiwi, Papaya, Leafy greens, Guavas)  daily or take vitamin C tablets if it’s easier.

Vitamin E 

This a no-brainer seeing that most beauty products have ‘Vitamin E’ written on it to lure customers into buying it. Why is Vitamin E excessively advertised on beauty products? Because everyone knows that Vitamin E is extremely important in healthy skin. But why buy these products when you can consume Vitamin E?!

Vitamin E rich foods :


Sunflower Seeds

Red Chilli Powder


Dried Apricots


Vitamin E protects your skin and repairs it so try to indulge in Vitamin E DAILY.

Omega 3 (Fish Oils)

Omega 3, sounds powerful right? Almost like it belongs in the marvel comics. Omega 3 is powerful for not only does it help fight depression, help in weight loss, help in maintenance of blood pressure but it helps your skin in numerous ways.

Omega 3 which can be consumed in tablets or even by consuming fish oil tablets or fish oils in general, reduce acne, redness, skin flaking, helps in sunburn protection and skin permeability. So consume Omega 3 y’all!


 Tomatoes are a natural sun block fighting vegetable. We all know that sun exposure is usually the cause of an uneven skin tone and wrinkles, so be sure to add tomatoes to your diet!

Green Tea 

This needs a category of its own seeing that it is a miracle drink. We absolutely love green tea. We recently got into the habit of consuming 2 cups of green tea a day and we both noticed the change in our skin. Our skin is getting better and better. Green Tea helps with weight loss, prevents cancer, reduce the risks of blood pressure , helps regulate glucose levels, prevents heart disease, and helps with wrinkles and signs of aging seeing that it is rich in antioxidants. WE LOVE GREEN TEA!

Be sure to drink green tea pure from any additives, adding anything (milk, sugar, honey, etc) will strip away its nutrients and you basically will get no nutrients out of it. So if you are adding any additives you might as well drink soda.

I hope you all indulge in these foods and exercise to stay young, healthy and beautiful like we ought to be. Remember to laugh, write, spoil yourself with new clothes and live a little. Those who remain youthful not only have a nutritious diet but they live a little.

With love,

E & I


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