Top 10 winter must haves!

Tis the season for bundling up and layering, that doesn’t mean you can’t look fierce while you do it. We’ve decided to round up all the must haves for all you winter fashionistas! Here is a list of the top 10 items you just have to have in your closet for this season.


10. Fur vests

Whether its on the runways of Milan or at your local supermarket there’s no better way to look fierce and warm than rocking a fur vest. Fur vests once were worn by only royalty and use to cost almost a fortune now they retail as low as 40-50 dollars ( that is faux fur of course). Most fur vests that are inexpensive and animal conscious are faux. So remember if its not faux, faux-get about it!

9. Leather gloves

Leather gloves aren’t just for bikers anymore, they are worn today by the most posh people in the world. Not only are they warm and keep your hands from getting soaked by water/snow, they look extremely elegant. Adding leather gloves to your wardrobe gives your outfits a certain heir of sophistication and class. If you don’t already have a pair, you should run out and grab some!


8. Satchels

They come in different sizes, pocket styles, colors, anything you need to accomadate your personal style, I’m talking about satchels! Satchels or I use to call them “Old lady purses” are now the biggest trend over the last two years. They’ve taken over the streets of north america and europe and almost every girl has their own satchel in their own style or color. Satchels are the perfect purses to fit all your many necessities ( girls, we know how it is!) and easy to grab and go. So what are you waiting for, buy a satchel today!

7. Ankle boots

A winter/fall must have and a perfect addition to any outfit whether it be casual or a night on the town, ankle boots are a necessity! Ankle boot styles range from short wedge heel to stiletto high heel ankle boots. Whatever your style need or comfort level is there’s an ankle boot out there for you! Ankle boots can give you that effortless polished look and give your outfits that extra edge that you need. Personally, I love the look of wedge heel suede ankle boots, très chic!


6. Leather leggings/pants

The best way to be ultra sexy without having to show off much skin this season is with a pair of leather leggings. Leather leggings aren’t just for rockers anymore, pair them with some pumps and you’ve got a chic going out look. Leather pants have the amazing ability to give you unbelievably long looking legs and hug your curves just right while cinching everything else together. Just a side note and warning, when wearing leather pants you will get a lot of attention, looks, jaw dropping mouths and admirers.. so wear with caution!


5. Wool sweater

Over-sized, slouchy, tight, sequined, tribal print, however you like them, wool sweaters are a no-brainer for winter. They are an old favorite and will never go out. You can go vintage and go through your mom’s closet for her old wool sweaters and still pull off this look. Slouchy wool sweaters are fun and classic and easy to throw on. They are the perfect causal winter attire, wear them with jeans or leggings and you’ve achieved a cute/effortless look. Image

4. Thick scarves

Being bundled up never looked so good, now with the trend of thick scarves you can look like you just stepped off a runway. Thick scarves are extremely warm and a must for winter! They look amazing with almost any type of jacket and are the perfect touch to any outfit. If you don’t already own a thick scarf its best you go out and buy one to complete your winter wardrobe.


3. Combat boots

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce my favorite and most crucial winter/fall must have, drum roll please… Combat boots. They look edgy, fierce and great on women and men, combat boots are a great addition to a fashionista’s winter shopping list. They are a fashion go to, you can wear them almost everyday and never wear them out because of their quality and they are amazingly comfortable and did I mention.. they are fashionable! Whether you’re at a concert or going out for lunch, combat boots look awesome with casual, low-key outfits. Most women are afraid combat boots are not their style or are too masculine looking for them, try going for brown combat boots, they look fabulous and very feminine. Hurry up and grab a pair for winter, happy combat boot hunting, boys and girls!

2. Slouchy beanie/toque

They say bigger is better and it couldn’t be more true with winter hats! Over-sized/slouchy beanies and toques are all the rage this season. They keep you super warm and snug while looking trendy and put together. They go with any casual look and are just a cute way to keep warm.

1. Trench coat

The trench coat is a beloved fashion classic reminiscent to the Audrey Hepburn days, trench coats are simple and never go out of style. Trench coats are great for fall, winter and can even be worn as a spring coat. Can’t find a jacket to wear over your holiday party outfit? Trench coats are ultra chic and sexy and they keep you warm without looking bulky like other winter jackets. You can go for the trademark beige color or mix it up with a mustard yellow or royal blue or keep it neutral with black, whichever way you go you are guaranteed to look like one classy lady!

So that’s it folks, if you don’t have these on your winter shopping list be sure to add a few of these. Thank me later!

love, E&I


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