Best beauty product : OLIVE OIL.

Have you heard of the best product for your face? Its called EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).

Not only is it perfect for your face but for your hair and body as well. Consuming olive oil and applying it rigorously helps one in achieving gorgeous skin. It is no wonder Mediterranean people are known for their luscious, flowing hair– they have been using EVOO for centuries.

Sure it doesn’t smell that great but applying it on your hair fights frizz and gives you shine. Applying it on your skin is better than any moisturizer you would find at drugstores and that is because it is rich in vitamin E– in other words, it is  food for the skin.

For those who want to wake up with less dry skin (especially those who reside in cold regions such as myself), lather on olive oil at night before you go to bed. Your skin will soak up its nutrients overnight. Be sure to apply it everywhere including your hands and feet (wear socks for a better treatment).

Make sure to purchase olive oil that is COLD PRESSED and Virgin –cold pressed means that the nutrients weren’t stripped away from the olive oil and virgin means its pure olive oil (unlike ‘olive oil’ which could mean its mixed with canola is the real thing).

Have wrinkles under the eyes? Not a problem. Applying olive oil under the eyes tightens the skin under the eyes and overtime diminishes appearances of wrinkles.

Olive Oil–your skin will thank you.



4 thoughts on “Best beauty product : OLIVE OIL.

  1. I gave up on lotions. Oils for my body and hair from now on. If it’s good enough for the inside of my body – its def good enough for the outside. Nice site – keep it up. I’ve read for a while and just commented now. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people reading without commenting – so don’t base readership on comments. Salaam.

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