Natural hair and not a care!

 It’s time ladies, time to put down the flat irons, the hairspray, the extensions and rock our god given, au natural tresses! With all the heat and chemical damage we’ve caused to our hair over the years, our hair needs some serious TLC. Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. Majority of women spend an average of 20-40 mins on their hair a day and that includes re-straightening or re-blowdrying their hair from a previous night. Why would anyone want to spend all that time on their hair when they could just rock their natural hair? The reason is most women are insecure about their natural locks because of many circumstances. Some feel their natural hair is too wild or frizzy and some just haven’t tapped into the secrets of styling their hair. Well, straightener obsessed women after reading my natural hair tips for different hair textures I’ll have you forgetting all about your flatiron! So come on girls, what have you got to lose? Lock your flatiron away for a week and see how it goes! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

 Pin-straight hair, while being very polished and elegant, can get kind of boring and isn’t right for all occasions. Sometimes you just need to mix it up and that’s when you pull out the waves! All you lucky women with natural wavy hair get to prance around with your luscious cascading waves.

If you have natural wavy hair and want your waves to be more defined like the picture above, here are some tips. Once you step out of the shower, while your hair is still damp, flip your hair upside down and scrunch you hair with leave-in conditioner. After you’ve scrunched it upside down, spritz it with some finishing spray or scrunch with some mousse. To achieve volume at the top of your hair, use a big hair clip and clip your hair where ever you want the volume. Once your hair dries you will notice the volume and lift you received from just simply putting a clip in your hair. The point is to prepare and part your hair whichever you want while its still a little damp and it will dry in that position. Hope that helped you wavy haired girls and remember hydrating hair products are your best friend!

 They’re fun, they’re bouncy and they coil up like a slinky, that’s right ladies i’m talking about curls! If you were born with those gorgeous, wild and romantic curls, don’t hide them. Curly girls, don’t be ashamed of those crazy curls, own them! Its no secret that most girls who religiously use flatirons happen to be the curly haired girls. Being a curly girl myself i’m no stranger to flowy straight hair, in fact I started becoming insecure about my curls the minute I touched a straightener. With all the damage I’ve caused my hair through the years its a wonder I even have some left. But I’ve changed my ways and now i’m a proud curly girl and have renounced my heat-damaging ways! With that being said curly girls, its time to reveal some tips on how to enhance and show off those diva curls that’ll have men gawking and women talking (compliments, HELLO!). Its best to brush or style curly hair when its wet to avoid frizz. So once you get out of the shower, put in leave in conditioner in your hair and part your hair where you prefer.

I usually think curly hair looks best with some sort of a side part unless with your particular face shape a  middle part suits you more. If you can’t decide side parts are usually a safer bet and compliment a wide variety of people. Once you have parted your hair, pump some moisturizing hair lotion or mousse or curl keeper, anything that you use to hydrate your hair will do, into your hand.  Flip your head upside down and scrunch like a mad man! Only kidding, be careful not to pull your hair out, so scrunch gently and start from the ends.

Once you’ve scrunched your hair upside down, place hair clips where you want a lift in your hair, the crown is usually the best place or any place you think you’re lacking volume. Once you’ve clipped your hair, wait for it to dry and you’re good to go! For the ladies who want to have their hair curly for the next day skip the clip ( hey that rhymed!) and part your hair into four sections. Two back sections and two front sections and braid the two front sections and do the same for the back ( while your hair is still a little damp). Make sure not to braid too tight, braid your hair as loose as possible and don’t braid all the way to the end. After you’re done braiding, make sure that you have some sort of silk pillow cover or silk hair cap as to not frizz up your hair while you sleep. In the morning unbraid your hair and separate each braid into 6 parts to create volume. Use the clip trick for extra volume, and voila big sexy diva curls!

So whether you’re a curly queen or a wavy goddess or a straight siren, celebrate your natural beauty! We all know there’s nothing sexier than a woman confident in her own skin. I hope I’ve inspired some of you to give your hair a break and join the natural side and to the natural beauties out there, keep doing what you’re doing!

Love, E&I


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