Your skin is addicted to Coffee

I know what you are thinking…coffee? What? Seriously? No way! You are insane!

No, I am actually sane I have diagnosed myself from watching American Horror Story and have come to terms that I am as sane as one can be.

Moving on to the subject: coffee and its correlation with good skin. I am sure that you are well aware of the antioxidants in coffee/ tea so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that is related with skincare. You probably have heard of using tea bags to treat puffiness and that is because for some odd reason caffeine helps with blood circulation (puffiness is a symptom of poor blood circulation after all). So it would not be a surprise to use it in relations with skin care.

Mixing ground coffee beans and eggs is the perfect facial mask–it is too good I am afraid. The eggs help tighten the skin and the coffee aids in blood circulation with the skin and minimizes pores.

What you will need is the following:

4 tsp ground coffee beans

4 tsp egg whites

4 tsp honey

2 tsp olive oil

1 tsp lemon (for those who want to brighten skin).

Mix these ingredients and apply it on your face for 20 mins. You will feel it working once you can’t smile anymore as if you just got botox (cheap botox and you get your money’s worth). After the 20 mins are up wash it off and moisturize.

You will notice that your pores are minimized and your face has more of a shine to it.

Hope this helps!



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