Glowing skin in Winter?

Want glowing skin in winter?

We have got the trick!

It all starts with your diet– a diet rich in protein (fish, bananas) and antioxidants is always the best solution for amazing, glowing skin. What we consume has more of an effect on our appearances than what we lather on our skin–although face scrubs aid in skin improvement, a good diet is more essential and necessary! Make sure to consume almonds, oranges, fish, green tea for perfect skin diet (of course berries and other fruits and vegetables). If you find that you can’t always chow down on necessary foods, invest in vitamin pills (vitamin c/e and cod liver oil tablets).

Make sure to have a rigorous skin routine, exfoliating 2-3 times a week and applying face masks once a week. Good face masks are always organic so be sure to make your own or go to Lush for natural face masks.

Wash your face with cold water to open and constrict your pores first thing in the morning, three times throughout the day and finally before going to bed. Always be sure to MOISTURIZE constantly, that is vital especially in winter.

Olive oil is a special ingredient in maintenance of a healthy glowing skin, be sure to add that to your face masks as well as honey.


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