Hello all welcome to Beauty Hair And Fashion,

Firstly we would like to start with why we created this blog besides the typical ‘to kill time’ excuse. We feel that a lot of women similar to ourselves criticize ourselves excessively on our appearances, starting with our skin to our bodies.

This blog is dedicated to all women (curvy, skinny, white, black, blue, purple) you will find that it is accessible for all types of women, perhaps even men can find this blog useful.

This is a collaborated blog (Ebian and Iman), we both find ourselves advising our peers with anything beauty related, we don’t know why but we do, thus we were told by our peers to invest in a blog. Being that we work in the fashion industry, we find ourselves intertwined with fashion,beauty, hair and skin since it is essential in our fields.

If you want a blog on putting your best face forward, well you my friend have come to the best place.




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